Friday May 8th is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and a Bank Holiday. Traditionally we would be celebrating this event with street parties and community events but in lockdown this is a little hard.

To help celebrate this important day Who Let the Dad's Out is partnering with Age UK to support its Bake for Victory Campaign. We are encouraging people to bake a small set of cupcakes and deliver them to Age UK's Reception on Thursday 7th May so that they can be distributed to elderly residents receiving the Meals of Wheels service that day. 

It's a perfect opportunity teach the kids a bit about VE Day, have a bit of fun and bring a smile to someone who may be on their own this bank holiday. 

You can bake whatever you want and include a drawing or picture to recreate that Blitz Spirit.

Click here for full details of the project



If you want to use this opportunity to teach the kids a little history through the lockdown we've compiled a list of only free teaching resources you might want to use.

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